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Training Schedule

The current training schedule is:

 MondayNo trainingNo training
 Tuesday5:00-6:30pm50/51 White Building
 WednesdayNo trainingNo training
 Thursday5:00-6:30pm50/51 White Building
 Friday6:30-8:30pm106 White Building
 SaturdayNo trainingNo training
 SundayNo trainingNo training

Please check the club calendar for any changes or cancellations. 

Remember that on days when you are not training in the dojo, you should practice your karate for at least 5-10 minutes.  Even just practicing things like stances, kata, or even just stretching every day will help your karate to improve tremendously.  If you would like ideas of what kinds of training you can do on your own each day, feel free to ask Sensei before or after class.